Iridescence ~ Chrysakis/Kuoppala/Rueda/Silver. Sunday 8th of March from 3:30-6:30pm

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An afternoon of electroacoustic improvisation comprising of Visa Kuoppala’s solo using an idiosyncratic multi-loudspeaker setup and three group improvisations, most of which are first-time meetings.

Thanos Chrysakis (electronics), Visa Kuoppala (electronics), John García Rueda (tiple), Yoni Silver (bass clarinet)

Visa Kuoppala, solo
Visa Kuoppala & Yoni Silver, duo
Thanos Chrysakis & John García Rueda, duo

Doors open at 15:30, music starts promptly at 16:00 | Entry: £5 (donation)

Thanos Chrysakis’ output consists of composition, performance, and installation. He composes for electronic and acoustic instruments, as well environmental sounds, focusing on the structural, aesthetic and transfigured capacity of sonic matter. He has recorded/performed with a number of improvisers including among others Wade Matthews, Dario Bernal-Villegas, Jerry Wigens, James O’Sullivan, Philip Somervell, Jamie Coleman, Chris Cundy, Zsolt Sorés, Sebastian Lexer, Javier Pedreira, Julie Kjaer, Artur Vidal, Christian Kobi, Christian Skjødt, Ernesto Rodrigues, Abdul Moimême. Since 2007 he operates the record-label ‘Aural Terrains’ focusing in electroacoustics, composed and improvised music.

Visa Kuoppala is a Finnish composer, improviser and field recordist living in London. He is particularly active in the areas of acousmatic composition and electroacoustic improvisation, where he is fascinated with the poetic, emotional and atmospheric qualities of enigmatic or ambiguous sounds. For his improvisation practice he has developed a granular synthesis and feedback -based instrument called Malegra, which he plays both solo and in groups.
At Hundred Years Gallery the typically abstract nature of Malegra will be reshaped by an idiosyncratic multi-loudspeaker system of distinctively different speakers, some prepared or placed inside objects. Hence the speakers themselves become a more pronounced part of the instrument, lending a further tactile and embodied quality to the granular sound-wash.

John García Rueda is a sonic artist who flows in a cross-genre/cross-disciplinary approach to sound. He performs the Colombian tiple. He has composed music and designed sound for film documentaries, dance works and multimedia installations. He has also been involved in transdisciplinary collaborations with the areas of theatre & performance, fine arts and literature.

Yoni Silver, bass clarinetist, multi-instumentalist and composer, has played with musicians such as Steve Noble, Sharon Gal, Mark Sanders, Toshimaru Nakamura and Birgit Ulher. He is also a member of Hyperion Ensemble, led by Rumanian Hyper-Spectralist composers Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram

All performers

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