Luciano Maggiore, Enrico Malatesta & Adam Asnan. Saturday 7th March at 7:30pm

small-flyTo celebrate the latest solo releases of Luciano Maggiore, Enrico Malatesta and Adam Asnan on Senufo Editions, the three musicians will present a trio performance at Hundred Years Gallery that integrates the techniques developed and used to produce these respective solo works.

Luciano Maggiore (it) is a musician active in the field of electroacoustic music; in recent years he has developed a strong interest in the mechanisms of sound diffusion, using speakers and several analogue and digital devices (walkmans, CD players, tape recorders) as principal instruments. His interest is focused on the architectural and psychoacoustic as well as dynamic and directional values of sound with a strong emphasis on fixed sounds.

Enrico Malatesta (it) is a multidisciplinary artist active in the field of experimental research placed between sound art, music and performance; his practice explores the relations between sound, space and movements with particular attention to the multi­material possibilities of the percussion instruments. His research path is characterized by a strong emphasis on the ability to produce multiple information with simple actions, the motion and definition of the experience of listening and sustainability of the presence of the performer.

Adam Asnan (uk) is a composer-performer of electroacoustic music and location sound recordist, based between London and Berlin. He acquired his MA in electroacoustic composition under the supervision of Denis Smalley in 2009.
Adam’s work promotes the aesthetic potential of fixed (recorded), amplified sound, and the auditory ‘image’ subject to intervention, disruption or disintegration.

Doors 7:30. Entry £5 / donation

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