Rick Jensen / Dave Tucker / Lee Boyd Allatson. Saturday 11th February 7:30pm

Rick Jensen, reeds
Dave Tucker, electric guitar
Lee Boyd Allatson, percussion

‘Rick runs SKRONK, Lee payed at SKRONK, Rick and Lee played together, Dave came along, Rick and Dave hadn’t played together for years, Dave and Lee payed together, it all sounded good, they thought they’d do a gig… here it is.

‘Solos duos and trio and maybe some special guests, come for an evening of exploratory improvisation’.

Door 7:30 | music 8pm | £5 entry


Rick Jensen has been recording and performing music since 1996 releasing his first album at 17. Since then he has released over 150 albums and performed live over 200 times with a wide variety of bands including free jazz (Rick Jensen Trio, Apocalypse Jazz Unit) Electro-acoustic improv (Nova Scotia, The Oneirologist) Psych Noise Rock (The Insect Explosion, FAT COP) and many other bands including surf rock, punk and numerous jazz and improv collectives. Rick also makes films, takes photos and writes stuff too.

Dave Tucker (guitar, bass, musician), began performing in the punk movement of the 1970’s in Manchester. In the 80’s he was a member of The Fall and recorded on ‘Slates’ and two John Peel sessions with the group. After moving to London in the mid 1980’s, he studied and played with Phillip Wachsmann, becoming a core member of the London improvised music scene. He currently plays guitar with London Improvisers Orchestra.

Lee Allatson is a drum set player from Leicestershire specialising in free improvisation. His early percussive years included classical tuition and a keen interest in 1970’s film soundtracks – all fused within the cultural melting pot of Caribbean, Asian and Eastern European influences provided from a Leicester city education. Moving to vocals and electronics manipulation he developed his experimental edge through free music playing with his regular trio Misterlee and in ad hoc performance opportunities alongside such luminaries as Damo Suzuki (Can), Paul Dunmall and Wildbirds & Peacedrums. The drum seat has become home once again in recent years and as well as teaching percussion and recording solo drum set works, Lee now regularly plays in several free improvising ensembles with, amongst others: John Russell, Bruce Coates and Christopher Hobbs. Lee also founded and runs a the South Leicestershire Improvisors Ensemble.



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