Ewa Justka / Eden Grey / Calvin Clarke. Friday 18th March 7:30pm

calvin webThis event is CANCELLED

Ewa Justka is a Polish electronic noise artist, instruments builder and electronics teacher based in London. In her artistic work Ewa attempts to explore the concept of Materiality Of The Hidden. She is currently organising a workshop for the Sonic Acts Academy, Amsterdam .

Eden Grey is a composer and performer working with modular synth systems and bringing together others of similar persuasion. Hailing from Miami, Florida, she is currently studying in London and Berlin. Her adopted name was given to her by someone ‘of dubious character’…

Calvin Clarke works with recorded sound, using a battery of old tape machines in various states of repair, ‘doctored’ string instruments and small-scale electronics. He also works for Resistsystemism

Doors 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £5 / donation

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