Ann La Berge / Phil Maguire / Steph Horak. Saturday 16th June 19:30

Anne La Berge (NL) and Phil Maguire (UK) present a new work for electronics, voice, truth, and lies…

Fly around one another and paint sounds. Weave texts about current truths and lies in and out. Further coloring the perception of time and place.

The evening will open with an improvised vocal and electronics performance by Steph Horak.

Anne La Berge’s passion for the extremes in both composed and improvised music has led her to storytelling and sound art as her sources of musical inspiration. Her music gathers the elements on which her reputation is based: ferocious and far-reaching virtuosity, microtonal textures and melodies, and her unique array of percussive flute techniques, all combined with interactive electronic processing and text.

She performs regularly as a soloist, with the ensemble MAZE and in the longstanding duo Shackle. She is a founding artist of Splendor Amsterdam, a collective of musicians who have transformed an old bathhouse in Amsterdam into a cultural mecca, where she regularly produces and shares small scale concerts with international guests.

“La Berge is a precursor of some of the important things contemporary composition has now come to mean.” The Wire

Phil Maguire is an experimental musician/improviser/sound artist making reductive music that explores emptiness and malfunction. Simplicity is at the core of his work. He uses cheap electronics, open source software, synthesis, and obsolete audio equipment to create sparse sonic environments for personal reflection. These are often very quiet; very loud; loud made quiet; quiet made loud.
He runs verz, a quiet music label and concert series.

“Virtually impossible to second-guess what directions Maguire might wish to be taking us, yet while we’re here under this steel canopy it seems the most natural place on earth.”- The Sound Projector

Steph Horak is a sound and video artist. As a vocalist/producer she experiments with different systems for voice and composition, whether through the use of self-programmed systems, or combinations of hardware and electronic instruments built by friends. These experiments can be found under the moniker SheIsRevolting. Stylistically they edge somewhere between experimental electronica, traditional songwriting, and conceptual pieces. Recent sound projects include threehundredandsixtysix, where Horak sings a note a day for a year.


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