Music : Li Song + Jackson Burton + Luciano Maggiore. Saturday 9th October 19:30

Li Song is a London-based musician and software engineer. He performs improvised music with his computer and composes music using electronics and acoustic instruments. His collaborative project with Zhu Wenbo, No Performance, focuses on compositions using environment sounds, acoustic instruments, computer algorithms, and random sequence. He is also a member of computer network music ensemble and research group, [ _ _ _ ] (with Jia Liu and Shuoxin Tan), focusing on algorithmic collaboration.

Jackson Burton : ‘Cleansing the big smoke with songs in the key of East Kilbride, 21st century man of the people Jackson Burton loves napping, sketchers slip-ons and fake Croatian football strips. Blending pirate radio static, steel yards and Simple Minds, Jackson is a solid addition to any musique concrète karaoke session, and his knowledge of Japanese wrestling buries the likes of Dave Meltzer and Roland Barthes – Just don’t give him Buckfast before (or after) midnight.’ – Ash Reid

Luciano Maggiore (b. Palermo) is a London-based musician.
His work is characterised by the use of speakers and several analogue/digital devices (samplers, CD players, walkmans, tape recorders) and addresses the performativity of the musical act, the perception of it, and the obscurity that emanates from it.

His main interests include mechanisms of sound diffusion, performance, repetition, endurance, non-human animal languages, dance, folklore. With Louie Rice, he started NO-PA/PA-ON, a project that deals with performing score-based works, both acoustic and amplified.

Doors 7:30 | music 8pm | entry £8

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