Music : Viv Corringham / Amy Cutler / Bill Thompson / Stefan Szczelkun. Sunday 10th October 15:30

Viv Corringham is a British vocalist and sound artist, active since the late 1970s. Her work includes concerts, soundwalks, radio works and multi-channel installations. She received two Composer Fellowships from McKnight Foundation, through American Composers Forum. She studied and worked with Pauline Oliveros for many years and holds a Certificate to teach Deep Listening. She facilitates workshops in listening and sounding, most recently in Hong Kong, London, Bangalore, New York, Kolkata and Manila. Her work has received international recognition and been presented in twenty five countries on five continents.
Recent work has been presented at Issue Project Room New York Electronic Art Festival, Hong Kong Arts Centre Multichannel Festival, Universities in Bangalore, Calcutta and Delhi, Ftarri Tokyo & Cafe Oto London.

Dr. Amy Cutler is a geographer, musician, and filmmaker based in London. Her self-taught sonic approaches draw on experimental fieldtrips as much as on her instruments, ranging from strings and lullabies to field recordings, voice, and post-processing, as well as de-composed found sound. Her tapes include an album based on a month’s winter residency under the military radar on an uninhabited Finnish island, Örö Tape (Fieldtrips of the Damned) (Fractal Meat Cuts, 2020), an album based on histories of atmospheric experimentation on Pendle Hill, GUTTER (Misophonia Records, 2020), and her most recent release which draws on burial riddles and metallurgy, The end (also ends) of (the) earth and variants (Crow Versus Crow, 2021).

Bill Thompson is a sound artist and composer. He performs as a soloist and with a number of groups including zerospace with Lucia H Chung and Ian Stonehouse, Airfield with choreographer Ian Spink, and in the past with Keith Rowe, Faust, EXAUDI and others.

Although originally trained as a guitarist, Thompson has worked with live electronics for the better part of 15 years. Since 2016/17, however, he has returned to guitar using one built by Moog combining built in electronics with miscellaneous table top devices, found objects, flashing lights, and the occasional vibrator.
He has earned numerous awards and commissions including the PRS for New Music ATOM award, the GAVAA visual arts award, a PRS for New Music Three Festival commission, the 2010 Aberdeen Visual Arts Award, and was nominated for the Paul Hamlyn Award in 2012.

Stefan Szczelkun : I used to be in the Scratch Orchestra and that was a huge influence on my future work. This was mainly in  other open artists collectives which culminated in doing a doctoral study on Exploding Cinema at the RCA which was completed in 2002. The thesis has just been published and I’ll bring a few copies of this and the Plotlands of Shepperton book along to the gig. Artists books has been my main activity in the last few years along with reprising the Scratch Orchestra’s ’Nature Study Notes’ in various locations.

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