Magnagatti and Laboratoro performance.

Musical performance on the opening of “Expression” and “Now that the living outnumber the dead”.

Thursday 1st of November, from 7pm.

On this evening, the work will be coming alive in the form of two intigrated performances:

8.30pm  Magnagatti (Cat-eaters)
Magnagatti perform dark musical vignettes on the subjects of life and death to compliment the themes of the exhibition.
Emerging from the installation and surrounded by their prey, it’s a collaborative project  between artist Jim Sanders and musician/singer Tim Harbidge.

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9.15pm  Laboratoro
Laboratoro brings together the talents of the musician and artist Ed Briggs and the Galician writer performer Xelís de Toro. They create electric, experimental,  performances using the raw materials of words, sound and movement.

Click the image to watch the performance of Laboratoro at HYG.

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