Phil Durrant / Pascal Marzan / Emily Shapiro / Shirley Smart / Martin Vishnick. Friday 24th May 19:30

Phil Durrant / Pascal Marzan / Emily Shapiro / Shirley Smart/ Martin Vishnick

The long time duo of Durrant and Vishnick present an evening of small group collaborations with clarinetist Emily Shapiro, cellist Shirley Smart and Pascal Marzan, who will be playing his 10 string microtonal guitar.

Durrant/Vishnick’s debut album ‘Rifinitori di Momenti’ has just been released on the Confront Collectors Series – . This is the duos first performance since the release.

Phil Durrant – mandolin, octave mandola

Phil Durrant is a London based multi-instrumentalist, As a violinist (and member of the Butcher/Russell/Durrant trio), he was one of the key exponents of the ‘group voice approach’ style of improvised music. In the late 90s, his trio with Radu Malfatti and Thomas Lehn represented a shift to a more ‘reductionist’ approach.

As a modularsynth player, Durrant performs regularly with the acoustic/electronic group Trio Sowari (with Bertrand Denzler and Burkhard Beins) and Mark Wastell’s The SEEN. As a mandolinist, he has been performing regularly with guitarist Martin Vishnick.

Martin Vishnick – classical guitar

Martin, is a performer, composer, researcher and teacher. As a performer, concert tours have taken Martin all over the globe where he continues to promote his albums with radio and concert appearances; this includes varied Classical guitar and Electric guitar concerts and engagements. Commissions include music for the theatre, concert hall, film and media.

Martin is currently involved in post-doctoral research, propagating his work in the contemporary ‘sound art’ music scene, providing guitarists and composers with a sound repertory for compositions and improvisation based on extended techniques that comprise both developments of existing techniques and techniques invented by the author.

Shirley Smart – cello

Shirley Smart is one of the UK’s most versatile and creative cellists – being equally at home and well versed in jazz and Middle Eastern music, as well as classical music.

Originally trained in classical cello under Raphael Wallfisch at the Guildhall School of Music, and Janos Starker in Paris, she subsequently moved to Jerusalem. She remained for 10 years, studying and performing a wide variety of world music from the Mediterranean and Middle East, as well as jazz, and became being highly involved with the jazz and improvised music scene. Since returning to the UK, she has quickly become known as one of the most creative cellists on the music scene and has worked with many leading jazz and world music groups, including Antonio Forcione, Gilad Atzmon, Neil Cowley, Julian Ferraretto, Robert Mitchell, Maciek Pysz, Maurizio Minardi, and Alice Zawadski.

Recent performances have included the Vortex Jazz Club, Wilton’s Music Hall, Old Ford Jazz Club, Brunel Museum, Green Note, Crouch End festival and Harfensommer Festival, Wurzburg in Germany. Upcoming performances include City University Music Society, and Kings Place, London as part of the Beyond Cello Festival.

Emily Shapiro – bass clarinet, clarinet

Emily Shapiro is a bass clarinet and clarinet player from Canada dedicated to exploring and creating new music. She has a special love for the sound and scope of bass instruments and constantly pushes the limits of what she can do on bass clarinet.

Alongside performing contemporary music on bass clarinet, Emily is involved in many other musical endeavors. Composing and improvising are central to her career, and she has been an active performer of Balinese gamelan for 10 years and has also explored jazz and electroacoustics. She is always seeking out new artistic experiences to enrich and motivate her work.

Pascal Marzan – 10 string microtonal guitar

Currently living in London, Pascal Marzan performs on a 10 string microtonal guitar.

After studying classical guitar – mainly devoted to the twentieth century repertoire – and teaching guitar in several music schools in Budapest, Hungary and France, Pascal has dedicated himself to free improvisation and the exploration of microtonal tunings of his instrument. His playing has been influenced by his interest in the folk musics of Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa…

He has recorded guitar duets with John Russell, Roger Smith (Emanem records) and a trio with Sabu Toyozumi and Dan Warburton (Improvising Beings records)…

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