Mein Haus / Ben Murphie / Math Jones. Saturday 4th March 7:30pm

Mein Haus /  Ben MurphieMath Jones

Mein Haus are an instrumental duo of Patricia Stepien (violin) and Elliot Murphy (cello). Based in East London but hailing from Poland and Ireland originally, they’ve been making music together since they met on a train in Deptford over a year ago. Their performances are high in energy and musically unpredictable.

Their music has been described as: ‘Shostakovich and Arvo Part being kicked down a flight of stairs in an oil barrel’, with influences ranging from the Sex Pistols through Penderecki, Battles and Kraftwerk.

Ben Murphie : Mixing lonesome bluegrass fingerpicking from the American South with the alternative sounds of Radiohead and Joy Division, the music of Ben Murphie defies easy categorisation. The Tottenham born musician is hell bent on pushing the boundaries of his songwriting into places it has never been before and trying anything that provokes a reaction.

Math Jones (Sams) : Poet

Doors 7:30 / music from 8pm / entry £3 

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