METHOD/RESULTS 6. Wednesday 4th December 19:30

End of term concert with performances and new work by current participants on Graham Dunning‘s Mary Ward Centre Experimental Sound Art course, plus two longer live sets from returning alumni.

19:30 – 22:30, £5 by donation


Matt Atkins & John Macedo
Matt Atkins: on bandcamp
John Macedo: info

John Macedo is a sound artist and performer from London. He has incorporated everything from acoustic instruments and environmental sound to analogue and computer synthesis into recorded works, live performances and sound installations. He has a pluralistic approach which reveals and highlights the hidden potential in all sounds, environments and technologies, often in intimate, immersive and intuitive ways.

Matt Atkins is a London based sound artist whose principle interests are reductionism, chance, repetition and texture. He uses objects, percussion instruments, occasionally a laptop and cassette recorders to create sound collages in both the recorded medium and live, usually in collaborative performances. He has recently released his work on the labels Falt, Midnight Circles, Invisible City Records, and TQ. He also runs his own label, Minimal Resource Manipulation.

Nil By Nose
Watch on Youtube

Nil by Nose emerged from the legendary Cabaret pop outfit The las Vegas Mermaids.
A lone Bedroom Knob twiddler and sometimes public Knob twiddler.
Nil by Nose has featured on several Pumf Records Godspunk compilations.

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