Music : 50:50 Part Two : Phil Morton and Babble & Squeak. Sunday 19th Februry 15:00

Following on from November 2022’s successful 50:50 event Phil Morton and Babble & Squeak will host a second afternoon of improvised ensemble performances using the innovatory 50:50 chess clock methodology.

For those unfamiliar with the 50:50 system full details of its history and application to free ensemble improvisation can be found at:

3.00pm – Phil will discuss and explain the methodology to participants new to the mechanics of 50:50.
3.45pm – Musicians will be ready to go.
3.45 – 18.30 – The afternoon will involve 3 or 4 sets in which all players and performers will engage with this innovative performance strategy.
Chess clocks will be provided at the event.
There will be short breaks between sets.

Players include:
Phil Durrant, Chris Hill, Douglas Benford, John Eyles, Iris Colomb, Tony James Morton, Tom Mills, Dave Fowler, James Malone, Kostas Chondros and Jonny K Martin. Others to be announced.

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