Music : Regan Bowering / Jamie Coleman / Daniel Kordik / Ed Lucas / NO Moore. Saturday 27th May 19:30

Regan Bowering : percussion
N.O. Moore : guitarism
Jamie Coleman : trumpet
Daniel Kordik : synthesizer
Ed Lucas : trombone

Regan Bowering is a percussionist, improviser and sound artist based in London. Her solo improvisations explore various combinations of objects and materials, drums and percussion, amps, speakers, and feedback. Collaborative projects include BLAKE/ SONG/ BOWERING, a trio with Li Song and Conal Blake who experiment with site-specific performance/ improvisations using snare drums, speakers, and found materials.

NO Moore is a guitarist and synthesist.  He has played with people and can be heard on a number of releases

Jamie Coleman is an accomplished trumpet player and has played with Nathaniel Catchpole, the Cinematic Orchestra. Alex James, John Edwards and Eddie Prévost and many other improvisers. “Coleman’s slow trumpet lines had a tenderness that evoked more physical kinds of intimacy. The trumpet became breath, warmth, vibration in a way that got the skin prickling, the senses suddenly sharpened.” The Wire.

Daniel Kordik & Ed Lucas are cofounders of the Earshots label and concert series. They have played since 2012 in a long standing synthesizer and trombone duo, as well as being part of numerous other projects in improvised and electronic music.


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