Music : General Midi | DIPS live a/v | Benjamin Whateley | Hybokh. Sunday 28th May 16:00

General midi
is an experiment in computer network composition, a group of laptop musicians is going to process midi informations from a keyboard player and re sequence them only using sound fonts from the midi protocol

General midi is : Ren Shang, Kacper Werkowicz, Benjamin Whateley, Tom Ignacio, Andrea Corradi

DIPS are an audio-visual duo consisting of Lucia Claus and Andrea Corradi. They will be performing a set with live generative visuals created by Lucia and a mix curated by Andrea. Collaborating between Italy and the UK they worked back and forth with both audio and visuals to investigate how their practices could interpolate in a real time manner.

Benjamin Whateley and Hybokh will presents two exclusive electronic live sets of unreleased material.

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