Music : Casserley / Wachsmann / Van Schouwburg. Friday 25th March 19:30

Lawrence Casserley : signal processing instrument
Philipp Wachsmann : violin
Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg : voice

Philipp, Jean-Michel and Lawrence have worked together in many different contexts over the years. Their first appearance as a trio was at Lawrence’s 75th birthday celebrations in 2016. Lawrence and Phil both performed and recorded in Evan Parker’s Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, and collaborated on an acclaimed duo CD Garuda. Lawrence and Jean-Michel have appeared in many countries and on their duo recording MouthWind, as well as with other ensembles, such as Sverdrup Balance, with Japanese pianist Yoko Miura.

The combination of Philipp’s imaginative violin skills, Jean-Michel’s remarkable vocal technique and Lawrence’s unique Signal Processing Instrument create a rich palette of sonic possibilities.

Doors 7pm | music 8pm | entry £6

“…Casserley does not distort [Jean-Michel’s vocal sounds]; instead, he tweaks them to make them more themselves, a subtle but important difference. If electronics can dehumanise music in some contexts, the opposite is true here; the electronics serve to emphasise the all-too-apparent humanity of Van Schouwburg’s voice.” Dan Warburton on MouthWind on All About Jazz

“Intense simplicity in extreme complexity, the spirit of seriousness evacuated for seemingly simple games riveted on infinity. But without a break in continuity. A site, an experience of the moment rather than a work.” Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg on Garuda on Orynx-improvandsounds

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