Music : Dirk Serries, Benedict Taylor & Alan Wilkinson. Saturday 14th October 19:30

Dirk Serries : guitar
Benedict Taylor
: viola
Alan Wilkinson
: bass clarinet, saxophone

Doors 7.30 | music 8pm | £8 cash

For HYG’s audience these three prolific musicians aren’t strangers.  They all stood here many times before but never as a trio. They all are featured on the A New Wave Of Jazz label on numerous releases.

As a trio they will bring you, in the wonderful space of the Hundred Years Gallery, many variations on fiddle string twists, slurred guitar fingering and mammoth-like blows and wind washes to produce tunes that are manually constructed, deconstructed and put back together again.

Expect a wonderful evening of pure free improvisation from three kindred spirits.

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