Music : No-Input, Cat! + Roma Agnihotri. Friday 13th October 19:00

Cat-themed experimental trio, No-Input, Cat! were formed at the tail end of 2022, with Tautvydas Kuliešius, Finn West, and Ben Mason at it’s heart. Traversing a gamut of stylistic influences, the three musicians collide to form a unique style of texture based experimental music, informed by the aesthetics of the laptop and found objects.

Doors 7pm | music 7:30 | entry £8 cash

Friends for years, admirers of cats, No-Input, Cat! Is growing into a new form after their inaugural live performances in March 2023. Overwhelming tides of digital textures will meet the concrete percussions of found objects, sonorous textures will melt away into the clicks and pops left behind from digital processes, and somewhere in the mix, Leg the cat, curls up to listen. The three members are very excited to see what the future holds for their live improvised performance practice.

Tautvydas Kuliešius – Objects
Finn West – Digital Trinkets
Ben Mason – Digital Things

Roma Agnihotri is an audio-visual artist whose passion lies in exploring the synergy between sound and visuals. Recently completing their degree in creative music technology, Roma has created an abstract experimental film series that explores the relationship between sound and non-narrative-based films. Driven by a passion for repurposing and reusing materials, Roma combines reworked samples, circuit bent instruments and founds sounds, infusing their films with a distinctive and unconventional sonic landscape. Their work aims to challenge the conventional notions of sound, visuals, and the boundless possibilities they hold.

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