Music : Stian Larsen / Colin Webster / Andrew Lisle. Friday 22nd April 19:30

Stian Larsen (guitar)
Colin Webster (saxophone)
Andrew Lisle (drums)

Doors 7.30pm | music 8pm | £8 cash

Guitarist Stian Larsen has for a number of years been recognised as an energetic and highly inventive improviser in the avant-garde music scene in Norway. Both as a solo artist and member of the bands kÖök, KTHXBYE and Pet Zoo, his collaboration with the British reed player Colin Webster and percussionist Andrew Lisle is an exciting exploration of the electric guitar and interplay across musical borders. Their studio albums “Zeal & Perseverance” and “Problem of Absolute Generality” came together after a series of concerts on stage in England and Norway and really captures the essence of the trio.

Webster and Lisle’s energetic free jazz meets Larsen’s noise and rock guitar in an exciting interaction that is dynamic, playful and hard-hitting.

Critical acclaim for “Zeal & Perseverance” (2019):

“Zeal and Perseverance captures faithfully the essence of the trio: hard-hitting and dynamic play of pushing and crisscrossing musical borders that visits and reshapes our conceptions of free jazz, rock and noise territories.”
Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

“The trio’s sparring has a punkish, whippet-thin energy, partly due to the lack of double bass, with the aluminium sting of Larsen’s guitar increasing the avant-rock spice in the mix.” – weneednoswords

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