Music : Dominic Lash / Alan Wilkinson duo + MUE: Bruno Guastalla / Macarena Ortuzar. Sunday July 10th 14:30

Unfortunately Macarena Ortuzar of MUE is unable to perform today :
The afternoon will consist of solos, duos & trio by Alan Wilkinson (reeds), Dominic Lash (electric guitar) and Bruno Guastalla (cello etc.)

Doors 2.30 | music 3pm | entry £8 cash

MUE (shedding of skin) is an improvisatory collaboration which started in 2010 in Oxford between Macarena Ortuzar (dance), Bruno Guastalla (cello etc.) and Dariusz Dziala (lights).

Macarena Ortuzar has worked as a dance performer in New York, Houston, Italy, Chile and Japan. Her experience, through training at the Body Weather Farm led by Min Tanaka, and as a member of his troupe Tokason has had a significant influence on her approach.

Bruno Guastalla is a violin maker / restorer who also plays and composes music. Some recent projects: recording pieces devised by the artist Shawanda Corbett (for a film currently showing at Tate Britain), collaborations with poets Joe Butler and Nancy Campbell and clarinettist Paul Medley, work on a set of recorded pieces by Chris Cundy, alongside Marjolaine Charbin, Dominic Lash and Mark Sanders, as well as ongoing music-making with members of the collective Oxford Improvisers.

“When Macarena Ortuzar enters to the finest, almost inaudible sounds of Bruno Guastalla’s cello bow and strings, we are instantly mesmerized by a quality of strength and fragility that she conveys through her slow moving, contorted postures. We inhale them as sensations, and Pessoa was surely right in imagining movement as a sensation, and as poetry.” (Johannes Birringer)

Alan Wilkinson / Dominic Lash Duo
Dominic Lash is an improviser and composer. A partial list of musicians he has worked with includes Antoine Beuger, Tony Conrad, Angharad Davies, Jürg Frey, Elizabeth Harnik, James Ilgenfritz, Charlotte Keeffe, Paul Lytton, Joe Morris, Evan Parker, Éliane Radigue, Mark Sanders, Roger Turner, Fay Victor, and Philipp Wachsmann. Best known as a double bass player, he’s emerged as a guitarist since the 2020 lockdown, during which he “spent his time developing a very interesting and personal approach to electric guitar… Lash uses the Telecaster’s basic yet unique design super-effectively; the biting, percussive nature of the instrument highlighted by the sheer power in his contrabass-trained hands” (Paul Khimasia Morgan).

Alan Wilkinson was a formative part of the Leeds experimental music scene in the 80s, founding the Termite Club and as part of the ferocious Hession/Wilkinson/Fell trio. Since relocating to London in 1990 he has continued to play and promote the music and remains one of the most powerful saxophone voices around today, recently adding bass clarinet to his usual Alto and Baritone. He has played with Derek Bailey, Peter Brötzmann, Chris Corsano, Akira Sakata, Thurston Moore, Pat Thomas and many others, and can currently be seen with the Norwegian quartet Akode; Talibam!; his trio with John Edwards and Steve Noble, and many other less frequent line-ups, as well as his regular Stoke Newington club night flimflam.

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