Music : luciddream ensemble – Scores 2. Sunday 22nd January 15:30

An afternoon of text, image and graphic scores created by members of the luciddream ensemble: a fluid gathering of like-minded musicians and improvisers from the vibrant London experimental music scene. Regular attendees at Eddie Prevost’s Friday Workshop, John Russell’s Mopomoso Project, the London Improvisers Orchestra and other performance vehicles, the performers explore the interplay between improvised and structured musical gestures.

Christopher Hill – Bb clarinet, ukulele, whistles, bells, objects
Petri Huurinainen – acoustic guitar, bow, objects
Emmanuelle Waeckerlé – voice, amplified bamboo flute and objects
Stephan Barrett – clarinet, percussion, objects
Regan Bowering – percussion, found objects

Doors 3pm | music 4pm | entry £5 or more

Chris Hill is a performer and sound artist – a regular at Eddie Prévost’s Friday Workshop he also plays with the London Improvisers Orchestra and Anthony Donovan’s Murmurists Project. As a sound artist under the name DiscountGnostic he explores the psychic boundaries between childhood and memory and exploits improvisation to investigate occulted mental states. His published compositions have been aired by the Glasgow Radiophrenia festival and Resonance FM, Mouth in Foot Records, and more recently with Ed Shipsey as Egg & Crisp on MRM Records.

He regularly organises improvised music and film events as DiscountGnostic and Babble&Squeak in the Hundred Years Gallery and other venues.
For recordings –

Petri Huurinainen is a Finnish guitarist and artist currently living in London. He works with live based sounds, extended guitar performances, field recordings and drawings. His limited edition 12″ vinyl record Exile Nothing came out in 2016 and is available from Rough Trade. Since 2006, together with Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice, objects), he is a founding member of Bouche Bée improvising group. He is also the other half of Berlin- based avant-noise band Einfall with artist David Selden.

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé is a multidisciplinary artist, experimental vocalist and free improviser interested in the materiality and musicality of language. Her practice evolves across multiple, interconnected work zones: conceptual writing, performance, new musical composition and artist-publishing, and manifests as poetic scores, occasions for their activation (installation, performance, workshop) and resulting image, text or sound works. Her music and scores are distributed by Edition Wandelweiser. Recent release include a direction out there (ed. wandelweiser, 2021, MA BIBLIOTHEQUE, 2021), Ode (owed to) O (ed. wandelweiser, 2017), Reading (story of) O (uniformbooks, 2015) She hosts COSY NOOK house concert series and co-curates the streamed concert series at Ilkectik with Harry Whalley. She is a Reader in Fine art and Relational practices at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

Regan Bowering is a percussionist, improviser and sound artist based in London. Her solo improvisations explore various combinations of objects and materials, drums and percussion, amps, speakers, and feedback. Collaborative projects include BLAKE/ SONG/ BOWERING, a trio with Li Song and Conal Blake who experiment with site-specific performance/ improvisations using snare drums, speakers, and found materials. She’s currently doing a practice-based PhD in Music at Goldsmiths, Uni of London.

Stephan Barrett, having charted a course through various musical landscapes, ranging from recitals amidst the clinking of teacups in smoke-filled drawing rooms to crepuscular pastoral and Noirish escapades on the open road, Stephan now finds himself on a new shore. His growing interest in the sonority of found objects, field recordings, sound art and tape experiments will provide him with the tools for his next voyage. Stephan collaborates with Helen Frosi under the moniker, Postcards From The Volcano, and with Dan Strange as Georges Kaplan Presents… His latest collaboration, Littoral Transmissions, is a conduit for creating live transmission art works. These may be heard on 199Radio, broadcasting monthly from New River Studios. He also regularly attends fee improv meet-ups, Mopomoso and SKRONK.


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