Poetry/Music : Hard Work II. Friday 27th January 19:30

Calliope Michail
Calliope Michail writes poetry, translates and doodles, primarily in London. She is the author of the poetry chapbook Along Mosaic Roads published by the87press in 2018. Other work has appeared in the Penteract Press “Science Poems” anthology; in publications such as Snow Lit Rev, Datableed, Lumin, Prototype, and more; as well as at various performances at the European Poetry Festivals and Camarade series.

En Creux
Taiwanese experimental artist based in London. Performs and releases music where the sound creation springs from their fascinations in noise generated via feedback on digital and analogue equipment, and their role as a ‘mediator-performer’ in the multifaceted relationship between the sonic events incurring within the self-regulated system.

Run the Bath
Luke Poot solo interpretations of classic dogshit Honkeyzontal Picnic material, joyously awkward excruciating “fun”. I lost my magic carpet in my inner elbow off shore taxi haven, this is all I have now.

Sarah Dawson
Sarah Dawson is a PhD student at the University of Leeds, researching the practice of failure in contemporary experimental poetry performance. She devises performances that risk failure due to a high level of difficulty, most recently using improvisation and phonetic transcription. Recently, she has performed at the European Poetry Festival, the Process, Practice and Performance conference at Leeds Beckett University, and the Runnymede International Literary Festival. expecting a different result, her collection of visual poems working through a process of mourning, was published in 2020 by HVTN’s Interruptions imprint.



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