Music : Moon Module + Pascal Marzan. Friday 7th April 19:30

Moon Module is a duo (Laurence Bouckaert & Hugues Genevois) playing electroacoustic improvisation on Karlax, a numeric and midi controller instrument, and on electric augmented guitar.

Pascal Marzan plays a Microtonal 10 string guitar

Doors 7.30 | music 8pm | £8 cash

Moon Module
Laurence Bouckaert, Karlax, a numeric and Midi controller instrument (new electronic luthery). For twenty years she has developed electronic instrumental configurations for improvised music. She has played and improvised with different ensembles of chamber music combining poetry, text, everyday objects, sculpture. She is also involved as a musician in the Philharmonie of Paris. As a composer she was commissioned by different ensembles as Puce Muse , Cie Motus, Sacem, Les Pentaphones, Les Phonogenistes, O.N.E (Orchestre National Electroacoustique) Radio France for fixed music, mixed music for instruments and video. She also teaches Electroacoustics in several conservatoires.

Hugues Genevois, augmented guitar. From scientific training, Hugues Genevois became interested in musical composition and the possibilities offered by the computer for sound synthesis.  After meeting Iannis Xenakis, he decided to deepen his own writing work. He has made sound installations in association with architects, plastic artists, poets and videographers, as well as many music for audiovisual. He participated in the creation  of several ensembles including: « Les complémentaires » (in trio with György Kurtág Jr. And Jean Haury); O.N.E (electroacoustic national orchestra); Already There (trio with Laurence Bouckaert and Michel Risse).

Hugues Genevois managed the Lutheries-Acoustique-Musique (LAM) team for 10 years at the Jean Le Rond d’Alembert Institute (Sorbonne University) where as part of this multidisciplinary team, he brought together researchers in acoustics, signal processing and cognitive sciences and developed research on new lutheries, gestural interfaces and vibrotactile devices to perceive sounds by touch. He taught at the Paris National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris (Musical Acoustic DFS) and supervised a Master in acoustics, signal and computer processing

Pascal Marzan : Currently living in London, Pascal Marzan performs on a 10 string microtonal guitar. After graduating in classical guitar, mainly devoted to the twentieth century repertoire – and teaching guitar in several music schools in Budapest and France, Pascal has dedicated himself to free improvisation and the exploration of microtonality and microtonal tunings on his unique instrument. He has recorded guitar duets with John Russell, Roger Smith (Emanem records), a trio with Sabu Toyozumi and Dan Warburton (Improvising Beings records), Alex Ward ((Vu)) Phil Durrant, Ivo Perelman… He also works in collaboration with poets, video artists, dancers… His music has been influenced by his interest in the folk musics of Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa…and electronics.

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