Music : Raw Tonk presents Dirk Serries & Colin Webster + Ripsaw Catfish. Friday 23rd February 19:30

London based saxophonist Colin Webster is quickly establishing himself on the European avant garde scene. Collaborating with some of the key figures in improvised and experimental music, Webster is known for working from extreme sonic palettes  – from minimal to maximal, constantly pushing boundaries. Webster works regularly in a wide range of settings, from solo to large ensemble, and recent collaborators include John Edwards, Dirk Serries, and Daniel Thompson.

Dirk Serries is an established sound artist. He has experimented with music on the border between avant-garde, industrial, experimental and ambient for more than 38 years, running the free improvisation and avant-garde label A NEW WAVE OF JAZZ.

Ripsaw Catfish is the collaborative duo of Cath Roberts (baritone saxophone) and Anton Hunter (guitar). Their music employs a collection of pre-composed elements which can then be drawn upon, or not, during the course of an improvisation. The Manchester and London-based musicians started meeting in 2013 and released their debut album ‘For The Benefit Of The Tape’ in 2014.

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