Music : The BBC + Sir Gideon Vein + Dan Hayhurst. Wednesday November 30th 19:30

L to R: Richard Crow, Jonathan Bohman, Adam Bohman. Chobham Common. ‘..but still they come’.
The BBC was formed on the 18th October 1922. The first director, John Reith, summarised its purpose as threefold: to inform, to educate and to entertain. Now, 100 years later and at an appropriately named location, a different BBC (Bohman, Bohman, Crow) seek merely to entertain. Last November, at Café Oto, they thrilled the audience with the aquatic sounds of ‘Botot Water’ and the sharp-edged social commentary of ‘Lord Avebury on the Slab’. Content to rest on their laurels, they may well do the same set again, but I have a feeling they’ve added a few more strings to their bow.

Sir Gideon Vein’s Golden Hits
At this festive time of year, and in view of the way things are, Sir G. feels it only too opportune to visit some old and relevant chestnuts and to reveal the significance of the key, which is in fact not a key.

Dan Hayhurst
Dan Hayhurst, sonic section of audiovisual duo, Sculpture, performs structurally unstable material on tape decks, samplers and electronic devices. Improvisation and routine, technological psychedelia, pop, noise, media collage and skewed electronics combine in emergent musical forms.

Performing regularly in the UK and worldwide since the early 00s, Dan has worked with labels including Dekorder, LTR, Software, kaleidoscope, Psyche Tropes and Digitalis. His work with visual artist, Reuben Sutherland, in the duo, Sculpture, combines electronic music with live animation, video art, comic strips and zines. He has collaborated with film makers including Alice Doušová (Kinloss) and Peter Strickland (Flux Gourmet).

Dan is inspired by temporary patterns, genre failure, superimposition, rhythm, moire and celebration.
Radiophonic adventure, experimental electronica, musique concrète, acid house, propulsive techno and future audio wizardry ~ The Quietus
Tuned to body popping lysergic geometries ~ The Wire

Doors 7pm | performances from 8pm | £8 cash entry

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