Music : Tom Ward / Nuno Trocado / Sérgio Tavares + Guests. Friday 27th October 19:30

Tom Ward – flute, alto saxophone, clarinet, voice
Nuno Trocado – guitar, electronics
Sérgio Tavares – double bass, voice

Tim Fairhall – solo double bass

Charlotte Keeffe – trumpet, flugelhorn
Emily Shapiro – bass calrinet

Doors 7.30 | music 8pm | £10 cash

Corrosion is the second album by the trio of free improvisors Tom Ward (flute, sax, clarinet), Nuno Trocado (guitar, real-time electronic processing), and Sérgio Tavares (bass). The ephemeral nature of sound is on display, as layers of sound emerge, only to deteriorate, break apart, and blend into one another, testing the frontiers of the organic, eroding physical and metaphorical structures, moving along the points of contact of improvised music, human or inhuman dispositions, and societal decay.

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