Music : Tread Into Mulch: Leyden Jars / Chaussons / Blake-Bowering-Song / Ivy Nostrum. Thursday 26th October 19:30

Returning to Hundred Years Gallery for this slice of Tread Into Mulch, we present:

LEYDEN JARS: the London based duo of Natalie Williams & Mark Courtney. Fragmented musicality, electro-acoustic emission, disembodied dub and revelatory DIY poetics.

CHAUSSONS: free improv skedaddles from bassist Howie Reeve & saxophonist Cathy Heyden. Reeve brings an eclectic CV – collabs with Mike Watt and NoMeansNo’s Andy Kerr- to deliver intricate postpunk twangs. Cathy Heyden, meanwhile, is immersed in the European avant-garde, having worked with Faust, Jean-Marc Foussat and Jac Berrocal among others.

CONAL BLAKE-REGAN BOWERING-LI SONG: one of London’s most compelling groups, this trio deploy small speakers and percussion objects to create austere and compelling sound art actions.

IVY NOSTRUM: chaotic, passive aggressive experimental interventions. Start from the bottom, and stay there.

Advance tickets : EVENTBRITE

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