‘Now In Reverse’. The community decision.


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The Open Call ‘Now in Reverse’ was launched at various Art Platforms at the beginning of October 2014. Its aim was to bring together a diverse range of artists with different practices, artistic intentions and methods, with the view of representing the eclectic nature of contemporary society and the arts of today.

The exhibition presented a selection of works by twenty six artists selected from more than a hundred applications from UK and abroad and was curated by Jaime Valtierra and Montse Gallego.

Works of a subversive, anarchic, or experimental nature were included, as well as other pieces with relevant conceptual or aesthetic value. The inclusive intention of the selection also embraced artists with marginal or outsider practices and those with a pertinent political discourse in their work.


As part of the project, Hundred Years Gallery offered the opportunity of winning a solo show during 2015 to the two most voted artists. This wasn’t a decision taken by a panel of specialists from the art world but explicitly directed to be done by the public and visitors. During the three weeks of the exhibition a voting box was placed for visitors and the organizers encouraged them to vote for their two favourite artists in the show.


Yvonne Feng-The phone, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 180 x 150 cm           _DSC0055 (1024x683)

Images above: ‘The Phone’ by Yvonne Feng & ‘I’m age’ by Emma Hunter

There were a total of 223 votes from the 561 visitors of Now in Reverse and we felt very pleased to announce the winners as Yvonne Feng and Emma Hunter.

Both artists participated actively in the events programmed during the show:   Arts Practice & Society part I  or  Personal Narratives. Open debate and are currently developing fast and successfully their careers.

Emma & Yvonne’s solo shows are programmed to take place in Hundred Years Gallery during November and December 2015 and both of them will include a series of open to the public events to continue the interaction between their works and the community, including those who felt engaged with their pieces and selected them.

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Images above: Organizers Jaime Valtierra & Montse Gallego counting the votes

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