Exhibition: Six Processes. 14th to 17th May

Six Processes shows the work of six artists currently studying at Camberwell College of Arts.

Private view on Thursday the 14th from 6 to 9.30

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Chinoko Sakamoto (born 1992) is a London based Japanese artist and student of sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts since 2013. Strongly influenced by the formal and compositional explorations of the 1970’s-80’s minimalist sculpture. She works largely with hand-crafted ceramics, producing artisan objects which are then set adrift amongst mass-produced materials, ready-mades or living plant matter. Minimal, material dreamscapes, anchored to their sculptural heritage through carefully constructed exhibition plinths, her current compositions address issues of perception, production and identity in contemporary consumer culture.

Hedvig Larson (born 1989) is a Swedish photographer currently based in London, studying Fine Art Photography at Camberwell College of Arts. The process of her most recent work have been to explore one of the most common ways to take a photograph today and through all times, a portrait. With inspiration from objects and sculptures she has searched for different ways and possibilities. Wanting to find that fine line when a portrait is no longer a portrait or to find something more or something different than just a presentation of a person.

05Oliver Newman is studying BA Photography at Camberwell College of Arts. Currently his practice consists of conventions found in the representation of consumerism and methods of display found in contemporary advertising techniques. Referencing modern image making techniques, using the very conventions of advertising such as product photography and simple clean methods of display he hopes to make a critical comment on how these methods influence individuals, by being complicit in the very convention he is trying to critique.

Matthew Lynch is studying BA photography at Camberwell College of Arts. The work he has made for ‘Six Processes’ is a functional, sculptural mechanism. When operated, the mechanism creates individual objects/sculptures. This system is an exploration of process, as emphasis is on engaging with how something is made and not simply what it is. The work commentates on mass production; epitomised by the use of an industrial metal framework. However, each sceptre retains individuality and is different to the last due to the mechanisms manual operation and the omnipresent inevitability of chance.

Collette Donnelly (born 1990) is a Scottish artist currently based in London studying at
Camberwell College of Arts. Her most recent work largely follows the relationship between objects and also between objects and people through the medium of sound and touch. Collette explores the unseen interaction we encounter everyday exploring mark making through objects and using photography as a tool to capture these temporary unique portraits of both the person and the object in a new way. Experimenting with a range of objects both sentimental and disposable highlights new ways of how we interact with objects other than their original functionality.

Alice Muir is a 21 year old Artist studying BA Photography at Camberwell College of Arts.
Exploring the act of abstraction that occurs in Photography Alice experiments with the
translation between 3D and 2D created by the camera. Following this process that alters visual information she then recreates the image back into 3D resulting in a new object completely different to the original. This process of working to alter perceptions through the influence of colour, scale and form questions the reality and truth of photography whilst highlighting the presence of personal interpretation and cultural influence.

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