OVO Festival Sonoro: Lote3 musica intercontinental live webcast. Sunday 15th May from 6pm

lote3In collaboration with OVO Festival Sonoro we are delighted to host a live webcast linking simultaneous performances from Hundred Years Gallery and Galeria La Photo, Porto Alegre, Brasil.

Lote3 é um projeto de música de improvisação livre, iniciado em Londres em setembro de 2010. É formado pela musica e artista plástica gaúcha Carina Levitan e pelo contrabaixista londrino Graham Mackeachan. Os músicos utilizam em suas performances esculturas sonoras, aparelhos eletrônicos modificados, motores, sucatas e instrumentos de corda e percussão. Os shows são feitos via transmissão online com som e imagem transmitidos ao vivo em ambas cidades. No disco ‘Cidade S’, o duo toca ao mesmo tempo em diferentes continentes sem se ouvir. Isolados e com fusos horários ajustados, o som é gravado separadamente e sobreposto, formando uma única faixa para cada dia de gravação.
Link pro site do artista.

Live stream at http://ovofestivalsonoro.com/



19:45 – Duo set by Lote3 with guest Luciana Bass (guitar & radio)
20:15 – Solo set by David W Stockard
21:00 – Solo set by I Know I’m An Alien
21:30 – Trio set by KMAT and performance by by Grassy Noel

Lote3 is a free improvisational music project, started in London in September 2010, formed by musician and sound artist Carina Levitan and the London bassist Graham Mackeachan. In performance the musicians use sound sculptures, modified electronics, engines, instruments and scraps of string and percussion. The shows are broadcast online with sound and image live in both cities. On the ‘Cidade S’ disc, the duo plays at the same time on different continents using set durations. Isolated, the performers are recorded separately and superimposed to form a single track for each day of recording.

I Know I’m An Alien is the music made by an incarnated alien from a 5th dimensional star realm in humanoid form and his impressions on current human behavior and their funny outlook on life. His first album is heavily inspired by the alien’s attempt at a “normal” 9-5 slave-like job in one of the world’s largest zombie filled metropolises that cripples his Soul on a daily basis and tries to dominate and block his creative nature. His short-haired, polo-shirt-wearing, virtual-reality-loving co-workers indulge in their money-chasing, reality-escaping lives all week long seeking ferociously for the Holy Grail of fulfillment to their lives: getting wasted at the pub on Friday night.

“It might actually be a new outsider classic”
-THE WIRE magazine March 2016 issue 385

David W. Stockard is a person from Carrickfergus [NI] currently living in London [Eng] :  http://www.davidwstockard.com/

Grassy Noel – Legend of the London performance underground presents ‘The Midnight River of Dreams’ : ‘Visualisations and Vocalizations: Masked Masquerade and Macabre Tales with Various Virtuoso AVante InstruMental AccomPaniment, Delusion and Collusion, Chaos and Confusion’.

KMAT is the mysterious trio led by the enigmatic Keisuke Matsui, ex session guitarist turned minimalist sonic explorer and Paul Shearsmith, pocket trumpet player and instrument inventor. Inspired as much by the Situationist International as by Takehisa Kosugi, Toshi Ichiyanagi or Bunk Johnson the trio create seemingly random soundworlds, non-sequiturs and layers of apparently incompatible elements. Mackeachan plays bass and found objects.

Because of the UK | Brasil time difference (GMT-4 hours) the programme will begin from 5pm and end late
Entry £5 donation

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