Tolerance Manoeuvre / O-ARC. Saturday 14th May 7:00pm

TM@HYGTolerance Manoeuvre: Joseph Stokes, guitar / voice, Steve Arnold, ‘cello / voice, Sarah Woolfenden, trumpet / percussion / voice

Taking the ‘score-based’ songwriting of Mogwai or Sigur Ros but with a jazzier, more folk-based starting point than the former’s ‘rock’ approach, Tolerance Manoeuvre create spacious soundscapes of textured and atmospheric music that has a cinematic, story telling quality.  At times the overtones of the instruments and the vocals embrace in an almost elegiac harmony. Imagine you’d been lucky enough to witness the minimal demo recordings of Talk Talk’s ‘Spirit of Eden’… primal and intimate.

The band’s debut album, In Memory, is now available on Flashback Records.
‘…a work of beguiling beauty’ – Andrew Weatherall (Andrew Weatherall presents, NTS Radio)


O-ARC is a creative collaboration between Masa Iida, singer-songwriter from Yokohama, Japan, and Neil Mason, a London-born guitarist. First meeting at a regular music night in Camden Town in 1999, since then Masa and Neil have formed a musical bond like no other. Although both happily working on other projects when they met, slowly they discovered an affinity for minimalism, subtlety and the power of understatement.

Door 7pm | Entry £5

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