‘Experience Of Shades’ by Paul Pattison: prints and paintings. 1st to 5th of October

Paul Pattison (b.1976) is an Irish Artist working in printmaking and painting.

This is Pattison’s second solo show. The exhibition follows a narrative of sombre beginnings, and draws from the artist’s own experiences of dealing with the often stigmatised realities associated with epilepsy and mental illness. Isolation, fear and the unknown are presented through a series of striking black lino prints. The artist then presents a series of colourful paintings which counter balance the previous stark printing techniques, highlighting a warmer resolve and an alternative attitude to healing.

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Paul Pattison began his studies at the Burren College of Art, which led to his taking up of print making at Limerick School of Art and Design. He graduated with a diploma in 2000, and focused on expressive black lino cuts and descriptive acrylic paintings. He has had one solo show in the Moulin Gallery in Limerick in 2002, and has contributed to several group shows in the west of Ireland.

Private view Thursday 2nd of October from 7pm: “Atmospherics and a performance inspired by the exhibition will be enacted by Warren and Trevor Conlon Grant, Chui MacLean, and Pavel Mackiewicz under the moniker of ‘Liberty Taking Bastards’.”




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