Lesney’s Ghosts I: Doffy Weir, John Butcher, Marcio Mattos, Dave Draper. Sunday 5th of October at 3:30

An experiment with visuals and improvised soundtrack: one soundless video, three times, three musicians once, exploring solo interpretations of the same images

Doffy Weir photography, direction & editing

Marcio Mattos cello
John Butcher saxophone
Dave Draper guitar & laptop

Sunday October 5th 2014 3.30 – 6.30pm

£5 suggested donation

Lesney’s Ghosts refers to reflections seen in The River Lee Navigation and Hackney Cut, Hackney, East London.
Lesney’s Matchbox Toys Factory was finally demolished in 2010 to make way for a colourful apartment complex, Matchmakers Wharf, the source of many of the images. The video is edited from hundreds of abstract photographs taken within a mile of the site, over 3 years.

Commissioned by Steven McInerney for the launch of Psychè Tropes Record Label 2014, as a soundless movie for performance with a live soundtrack played by Dave Draper.

Doffy Weir, a photographer, has lived in Hackney for 40 years and has a passion for taking abstract and ambiguous photographs of industrial dereliction, and waterways in the east of London. She now edits her obsessional collection into videos.

IceSpace A photographic exhibition at Pages Bookshop, Hackney 2010
FreezeFrame a film, 2012 with soundtrack by Dave Draper, shown at Purcell Rooms 2012 and PLACE, Aldeburgh 2013
Confluence a journey downriver, 46 miles in 46 minutes, with soundtrack by Dave Draper, film shown at Dalston House Screenings
2013 and at Shorelines , Literature Festival of the Sea, Leigh -on- Sea 2013

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