Seymour Wright and Bertrand Denzler. Saturday 11th of October at 7:30pm

Hundred Years Gallery is delighted to present a concert by two of the most adventurous contemporary European saxophone improvisers, Seymour Wright (of Derby) and the Swiss/French Paris based saxophonist Bertrand Denzler in solo and duo sets.

Bertrand Denzler and Seymour Wright are two saxophonists who approach their instrument through jazz. The respective positions they have reached are a long way from ‘jazz’ but – differently – steeped in it.

Tenor saxophonist Denzler has paired down the saxophone to pure sounds set free from the rhetoric of scale and pattern.

Alto saxophonist Wright has (literally) deconstructed and reconstructed the instrument of the last decade in his on-going search for the ‘total’ saxophone. This concert will be 2/5 in his series of 2014 autumn solos

They will each perform solo, and then together in a duo for the first time.

Entry by donation (£5 suggested)

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