Re-Cycle-Style Performance. Saturday 10th of May from 7:30

An evening of collaborative interaction between performance artists Sofia Figueiredo, Riccardo Attanasio and musician Cos Chapman and the costume design of  Kumiko Tani.

Cos Chapman (Musician)
Cos is currently performing solo improvised electronics; plays guitar with punk-cabaret star Miss Roberts as part of “Rude Mechanicals”; creates sound-design for installation, theatre and film; and plays bass with sax driven post-punkers “I Am Meat”. Yet Cos Chapman began his working life as an Oceanographer. Throughout his time sailing the briny ocean blue he experimented extensively with sound, using modified reel-to-reel and self-built devices; after 12 years he went to Lancaster University to study Music, Technology and Theatre. While there he began to pursue his interest in cross art-form collaborations and soundtracks.

Riccardo Attanasio (Artist. Perfomance Artist)
Riccardo Attanasio MAtlakasis Born on this planet, departing to higher dimensions through art.
Creativity transcends the ego, when we are in the void of pure creativity we forget about ourselves and we are a pure channel for art to travel in our body and the audience. My interdisciplinary approach to art does not cage itself in a media or fashion, contemporaneity, concept, etc. My work simply follows the flow of my life at the unison with my spiritual growth. My art exists in this particular period of time but it is not depended by it because it happens where time does not exist (the void). Matlakas showed his work internationally touching the fields of visual art, dance and performance.

Sofia Figueiredo (Performance Artist)
Sofia Figueiredo’s work involves live art performance, dance theatre, aerial dance and improvisation. Since she moved to London in summer 2011, she has been presenting site responsive live improvisations, where she plays with voice and movement, landscapes and old objects. She teaches somatic aerial dance.

In previous years Sofia worked as facilitator of inclusive community projects in Portugal, her country of origin, teaching and creating outdoor shows with a wide range of groups from the elderly to children. In 1999, in Porto, Sofia was co-founder of Circolando – cultural co-op, co-creator and interpreter of award-winning outdoor shows, crossing theatre, dance, circus, music and visual arts, touring: Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, the UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and South Korea.

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