‘Weisslich: music and art by…’ Saturday 3rd of May from 7pm

Huddersfield-based composer-performers Michael Baldwin, Andy Ingamells and David Pocknee join London-based composer-performers Louis d’Heudieres, Elo Masing and Charlie Sdraulig plus visual artist Jammie Nicholas and flautist Ilze Ikse for an evening of experimental music and art. Expect brand new works from the composers, text scores from experimental stalwarts George Brecht and Alison Knowles, white noise, and a large sheet of spandex.

Jammie Nicholas, Spandex + Gobstoppers
Michael Baldwin, whistles whittling
Alison Knowles, shoes of your choice
David Pocknee, Pieces From @textscoreaday and Fluxus
Charlie Sdraulig, between
Peter Ablinger/Louis d’Heudieresvariations on “panpiece” from Weiss/Weisslich 7
Louis d’Heudieres, Reconstruction #2
Andy Ingamells, How To Explain Songs To A Jellied Eel
George Brecht, Comb Music

Ilze Ikse – flute and Elo Masing – violin


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