Rupert Jaeger in conversation with ‘3 for 2’ artists Jing Ma and Min Zhao. Saturday 29th October 6pm

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Join us for the first of a series of talks curated by Rupert Jaeger touching on topics connected to the relationship between art and commerce.

For this event he will be discussing some of the key topics in Jing Ma and Min Zhao’s current exhibition ‘3 for 2’. The show is a performative and collaborative project that has transformed the Gallery`s space into a pilot art sale.

“Artists, like businessmen in any other sectors, may try to sell their arts at a price as high as possible. In contrast, most buyers want to own a piece of art but spend as little money as possible, wishing for ‘discounts’ if two or more pieces are purchased together. How would you value a piece of art? Does the price of an artwork fully represent the meaning of art?”

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