Josephine Grundy & Xelís de Toro: Encounters. Thursday 27th October 4:00-5:30pm

josephine-grundy  xelis-de-toro

Movement and voice performance by Josephine Grundy and Xelís de Toro : 4pm | free entry

A stolen memory, the path not taken, one is the you and the other is the I. A body is breath, a body is flesh, a body is shadow, nobody at home. The I meets the you. Paths cross and diverge. Together and not together. Light sheds new roads for the feet to travel into the mist.

Josephine Grundy is a movement and voice artist based in Barcelona. Her background includes a degree in history and philosophy, a theatre diploma in the Lecoq method and extensive training in music and vocal technique. In recent years she has become especially interested in butoh dance and has been exploring voice through dance. She has performed at a wide range of international festivals and arts events, including several editions of the Barcelona in Butoh festival, and is currently working on her own voice and dance productions with the VoxDansa project.

Xelís de Toro is a Galician (Spain) writer and performer based in Brighton. He has performed in a variety of settings: theatre, performance art, live art, improvised music and spoken word. He is interested in voice and body movement as channels for broken language, communication and sources of creativity. He performs also in collaboration with other artists under the name laboratoro to create new music performances and cross disciplinary projects.

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