The Witch of The Gate III. Saturday 22nd October 7:00pm

An evening of art, performance and music curated by Cos Chapman with: a selection of his favorite things including The Moon, Harmergeddon and Isn’tses

Harmergeddon have been collaborating since 2007 on a variety of mixed media art works and officially formed Harmergeddon in 2010. From the unwanted, unheard and unseen they create instruments, performances, sound pieces, installations and videos.

Their work resounds around atmospheric and meditative soundscapes, forming kinetic pulses, drifting textures and undulating drones. This is often set to highly manipulated visuals and performance. Their live improvisations focus on the serendipitous working with live electronics, obsolete consumer electronic devices and the drifting periphery.

Isn’tses : Adhering only to a mythical structure Isn’tses inflect a narrative of textured sound and auditory fullness using esoteric electronics, expanded vocals and emotional valences. Experimental music using synths, electronics, vocals, circuit bending, live video hardware glitch, webcam and light sculptures.

Members: Lisa McKendrick (Listen Lisse)
Tim Drage (Cementimental)

The Moon Miss Roberts and Cos Chapman of Rude Mechanicals explore improv vocals and electronica. Prepared guitar, spoken word, sound processing and looping.

Doors 7:30 | performances 8pm | entry £5

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