Exhibition : MinJoo Kim and Siannon Saunders : Snooze. 21st to 24th September

Two distinctly different artists who have spent a year working next to each other merge artworks, dissecting both their similarity and difference. Seoul and London based narrative painter Minjoo Kim and British contemporary artist Siannon Saunders who works across photography, painting and sculpture, have chosen to discover an interesting contact point between their practices.

They both utilise the mundane to articulate their feelings about being a female artist in the UK in 2017. Exploring social media, consumer culture and interpersonal relationships, both artists make component based works which further describe their daily experiences.
In a new direction for both artists who have quietly evolved next to each other for the past year, conversation and a combination of their characteristics and practices will reveal unexpected emotions and ambiguous outcomes.

Snooze explores the role of everyday situations, relationships and objects, framed in contemporary painting and installation. In Snooze, lines are blurred between contrasting yet complementary practices as artworks are reconfigured into sculptural installations for the first time. Unlike the usual association of sleep with dreaming and parallel realities, Snooze explores the role of necessity, boredom and the mundane and the inspiring outcomes this state can create, and how it can be even more inspiring when shared.

Private View Friday 22nd September 6:30 to 9:30pm / basement 

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