Sylvia Hinz – Solo Recital. Sunday 22nd February. 4:30-6:30pm

sylvia hinz 2014 swsm

Sylvia Hinz (recorder) – The Sadly Unknown

Immaginabile (1992) Violeta Dinescu (*1953, RO)
low improvisation
Ícaro (1990) Ana Lara (*1959, MX)
Lobgesang (2009) Sarah Nemtsov (*1980, DE)
lower improvisation
Breaking through (1988) Gloria Coates (*1938, US)

“I chose the title because of the ‘normal’ lack of female composers in concert programmes and the totally understimated instrument recorder. the improvisations will be a synaesthetic interaction with present art at the gallery.

“I am a feminist. Women composers are still a minority, their works mostly and sadly unknown by the public and by performers, too. Their music is almost never taught in universities or academies, not performed by orchestras, ensembles or soloists. very few names are familiar to the world: Kaija Saariaho, Galina Ustwolskaja, Rebecca Saunders, Pauline Oliveros, Sofia Gubaidulina, …
“Women are still not encouraged to compose, as they were not in the past. if they wrote music at all, their works were seen as “amusements” or just inferior to the works of their male colleagues. you can spot it in pictures, too: every time there is a conference / a festival / etc., there is a bunch of guys supporting other guys – and one woman, at the most.
This has to change – right now. there is so much quality among women composers and I want to present a part of it with this programme. ”


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