The Witch of The Gate IV. Saturday 29th April. 7:30pm

The fourth Witch of The Gate
Hundred Years Gallery have invited one of our favourite musicians, Cos Chapman to put together an evening of acts he’d like to see – so here they are…
DJ Tendraw
Richard Sanderson
Isabelle Saphiron
DJ New Wave Steve
Cat Boi

Doors 7pm | music from 7:30 \ entry £5

Richard Sanderson is an experimental musician and improviser. His main instrument is the melodeon (diatonic button accordion), which, depending on context he either plays acoustically or amplified with effect pedals. He plays with the groups Ticklish and Browne/Thompson/Sanderson and has recorded three solo albums for Linear Obsessional Recordings. The most recent is ‘A Thousand Concreted Perils’ . He also dances with Blackheath Morris men. “simultaneously ancient and modern, analogue computermusic composed by Viking scientists, perhaps. Past and not-quite future superimposed on a faulty VHS tape.”- Paul Margee
-“Dalek folk” Scott Wood

DJ Tendraw: some of what they say…
“Circuit bent analogue mayhem… re-routed childrens toys, magnetic hotel keys, feedback, casio keyboards, and an array of home made “jump loops” , wallpaper textures & things that i’ve never seen before. Booked to perform between the bands with the intention of scaring the living f**k out of them. There last performance with us saw them out screaming current NME darlings The Horrors (which is no small feat) to a raptuous applause.” – The More or Less Club

Isabelle Saphiron: Born witness to the emasculation of an ubuesque society I projected my echoes in a remote room I built out of tapestries,sounds and daydreams in order to dissociate the palpable aberrations from the impalpable. After I’ve carved the stone of my core enough I came to the conclusion that the only way of eluding the vicious circle of realism was to give new meanings to flesh and matter. After experiencing with various forms of expression and impression I settled mainly for poetry and filmmaking. My first verses where a cry of ancient dissatisfaction at a liberty no being ever had the courage to indulge in, then they grew into a more geometrical longing for sentiment. Through the medium of film I tried to reshape human life’s sardonic drama into an out of focus paradox, crosscutting between stances which lead to a mutilation of the intrigue, the muse is now the creator and the creator is the artwork. Through whatever medium comes in hand I try to seduce the mundane and reconstruct it into something fascinating.

Cat Boi and the Tulpas aka Tulpa Zone Nightmares
Grew out of the ashes of of TZN aka The Zapruder Nightmare when we lost our beloved child of fire TiNA Hibbins and their tulpa, D.J. Neon Noodle, now Cat Boi roams the streets at night lost and alone searching to prey on far narratives, and now with a revolving cast of tulpas he will sing of conspiracies, modern myths, dark deeds done dirt cheap and anarchy of a distictly occult flavour.
In this instance Cat Boi will be joined by Gardyloo Spew and Muzz Fuzz (the recently formed tulpa of Marina Young.
We may sound a bit like this.


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