The Witch of The Gate. Saturday 7th May 7:00pm

An evening of art, performance and music curated by Cos Chapman with:
The Unreliable Witnesses
Two Headed Raven
Tracey Holloway
And some guests

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Rantipoles: medieval, musical comedy trio featuring cello, clarinet, guitar, percussion and your participation. Rantipoles are a left-field acoustic skiffle band. The members are Dawn, Zoe and Iona. Rantipoles seek to entertain you!

ROTTS: Joanne Fisher Roberts: The sound of slime moulds, the smell of comets. Performance and sound…

The Unreliable Witnesses: Barry Stir. Miss de Meaner. Grant Bale. Any resemblance to Cos Chapman, Marina Young and Lee McFadden is currently subject to legal scrutiny and shall not be debated upon. Familiar lyrics recited over new improvised music.

Rockinghorse… Lee McFadden says: “The work of Rockinghorse is expressively challenging for both the participants and the audience and is enthralling to experience as a result. Sofia Figueiredo and Cos Chapman explore, test and shatter the boundaries of modern dance and abstract music respectively – it’s as if each other’s endeavours spurs the other on – and we, the audience are eager spectators – anxious to see how the spectacle culminates. Riveting from beginning to end.”

Two Headed Raven: A new acoustic project from Catherine Gerbrands and Tim Bowen with cello, chimes, zither and musical saw.

Tracey Holloway: A selection of her artworks wil be on display for this, her debut exhibition. The common thread in her work appears to be images derived from her inner senses. She deals in conventional art materials but also likes to experiment – leaves, nail varnish, hair, tea, acorns, bottle tops, grass, wallpaper, newspaper, ripped pages from
novels and string have all been utilised in her art. Her action drawing for Show 13 of The Dave and Lee Travesty radio show on Croydon Radio was acclaimed and publicised on the blog of legendary punk musician Vic Godard.

Door 6:00 | music 7pm | entry £5

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