The Zone Experimental Film Night. Saturday 4th of May from 6.30

The Zone presents: Revenge of The Chicken Men

Brighton based film collective The Zone return to Hundred Years Gallery with a programme of experimental work.

Kandinsky – Yellow, Red, Blue – Nicky Heinen, Flash animation, flute.

Small Worlds – Nicky Heinen, sculpted sound, 4’09”

Nicky Heinen – flute and flute parts and sound sculptures. + Derek Shiel, – sound sculptures. A live recording of a performance at the Machynlleth International Festival, Wales. The video film was recorded on a lake in the Cotswolds using flute parts.

Remote Encounters – Alan Sondheim, 2013, animation, 3’48”

The film came about through a collaboration at Remote Encounters two day on line international cyber conference.

“Pain dance / performance in OpenSim with Sandy Baldwin: textual materials would be presented in the form of chat and sound-over/voice-over. We would be working with distorted avatars and modeling from tissues, etc. (we’ll perform in Second Life). The text would deal with issues of death, sex, and pain in virtual worlds.”

Oserake and The River That WalksRobert Robertson – film and music score.

‘Oserake’ is the First Nation name for the winter quarters which were set up by the river,
the origin of the city of Montreal. This music/film shows what happens to Montreal in winter, when the wilderness takes over.
Overwhelming forces try to return the modern city to the time before today’s streets and blocks existed, and phantoms invade the empty white streets.
Massive snowdrifts, huge icicles and icefalls appear. Everything is transformed beneath layers of snow, and we glimpse what was seen by those who founded the original settlement, by this great river they called ‘the river that walks’, swept with ice.
The music is scored for a large ensemble of cellos and violas.
The second half is scored for six church organs.

Like A Flower – Agnes Hay, 20’, animation.

Animated drawings of corpses and other objects set to Japanese flute music.

Slider – Simon Mclennan, 4’, HD video, 2013, UK.

Brain Trip – Mervyn Syna, 1’39”, X-Ray, video collage, 2012

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