Tonus Ensemble : Intermediate Obscurity IV. Sunday 14 January. 3:30-6:30pm

Tonus Ensemble.
Otto Willberg, Colin Webster, Tom Ward, Benedict Taylor, Dirk Serries, Cath Roberts

Intermediate Obscurity IV
Graphic Score by Dirk Serries

Cath Roberts : baritone saxophone
Dirk Serries : acoustic guitar
Benedict Taylor : viola
Tom Ward : bass clarinet
Colin Webster : alto saxophone
Otto Willberg : double bass

TONUS as an ensemble grew out of Dirk Serries’ residency in 2017 for which he brought together a sextet to work around a slow piano motif by Martina Verhoeven. The literal translation of Tonus is muscle strength, but in this context defines a musical system that places equal importance on the space between notes. Both definitions apply here as the music is an exercise in discipline and anticipation while controlling the clarity, sustain and effect of each single note played. The birth of the Tonus Ensemble happened when Dirk realised that he needed a vehicle to explore and perform these exercises, as well as a general classification for his ongoing study in minimalism and free improvisation.

‘Intermediate Obscurity IV’ is one of Dirk’s first graphic scores. For this premiere of the work, the ensemble was gathered by participant Colin Webster.

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