undertone // 01. Saturday 21st November 7:30pm

A project series exploring the boundaries of sound, material, environment and body in a cross-cultural context. Making its debut at Hundred Years Gallery, the undertone // 01 features the participation of numerous artists including Jasper Fung (Hong Kong), Chi Po-hao (Taiwan) and the UK-based Aaron James, Sara Rodrigues (w/ Roxanna Albayati) and James Wilkie (w/ Orlando Byron + Muqi Li). Involving improvisation, live electronics, field recording, instrument, vocal and sound installation, the live performance showcases the diversity of artist working with contemporary sound art.

Byron-Muqi-Wilkie, Jasper Fung, Chi Po-hao, Aaron James, Sara Rodrigues + Roxanna Albayati

Doors 7:30 | 8pm | £5 donation


James WilkieJames Wilkie

James Wilkie, a composer, musician and sound artist based in London, creates soundtracks for film, performances, compositions, sound art, music consultancy, and interactive/generative sound installations. His work highlights and harnesses the power that sound has upon well-being (body and mind) and our imagination and perception of the world around us. For this event, James will collaborate with two traditional Chinese instrument players, Byron and Muqi, to present an improvisational piece, in which ‘the migration of information and human experience through time and space is expressed in the layering of traditional song, and as the sonic artefacts of our modern technology — Sound has migrated in different ways at different times; each time with something gained, and something lost.’

Jasper FungJasper Fung

Hong Kong based artist and musician. His work intertwines installation and electroacoustic composition that significantly arouse introspection into today’s discourteous and coarse world alongside the rapid elimination of social interactiveness. Fung’s work explores the terrain over classical, alternative, sound and space, rooted in his determination to challenge any models of traditional discipline. Fung received his Bachelor Degree in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2012. His works have been presented in Osthaus Museum Germany, The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression in London and le French May Festival in Hong Kong. He has been performing in different cities include Vienna, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. Fung is currently participating in a ERASMUS MUNDUS joint Master degree in Media Arts Cultures and is physically in Krems, Austria now.

Chi PohaoChi Po-hao

Chi Po-hao, a Taiwan-based sound artist and musician, had worked in popular music industry for several years as songwriter and producer. His works involve live electronic, electroacoustic composition and sound installation; and have been presented in Taipei, London, Bangor, Rotterdam, Beijing, Yinchuan, Lanzhou and Paris. He has been granted residencies at V2_Institute of Unstable Media in Rotterdam and Cité internationale des Arts in Paris. Recently he is interest in the topics of algorithm composing, generative music and sonification. His undergoing works are mainly concerned about the sensing of rhythm and the interactions among perception, individual and environment, try to investigate how people hear, interpret and represent the sound surrounded us as well as how the sound intervene the space.

Aaron JamesAaron James

Aaron James is an artist, curator and researcher working across multiple platforms. His work is inspired by the interrelationships and convergence locations forge between artist and listener. He considers the different contexts art can be presented in, manipulating its presentation in unique sonic modalities. In 2015 Aaron’s work has developed to specifically consider the role of site-specificity, citation and the ready-made in music, culminating in the projects presented at University of Falmouth, University of Bristol and a commission residency with Tracing The Pathway. Aaron is currently working on projects with the Tate and Arnolfini and has previously worked for the BBC, Dolby and the British Computer Society.

Sara RodriguesSara Rodrigues

Sara Rodrigues is an artist and composer born in Porto, Portugal (1990) currently living and working in London. Her work is multi-disciplinary, encompassing audio/video composition, performance and installation. She also performs and collaborates frequently with artists from various fields. Her work has been shown in venues including Southbank Centre, Arebyte Gallery, London, Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb, Galeria Quadrado Azul, Porto/Lisbon and Sismógrafo, Porto. Sara is the director of the NME – New Music Ensemble at Goldsmiths University where she works both as composer and performer. She is also the founder of ‘The LivingRoom’ project with curator Cristina Ramos, a nomadic space dedicated to the curation of multi-disciplinary arts in site-specific contexts. For this event, Rodrigues will present Overman (2015), a piece involving voice, electronics and Roxanna Albayati on cello.

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