verz x ame Presents… Ryoko Akama/Phil Maguire/Sonic Luz CANCELLED. Friday 2 March 19:30


Unfortunately trains and flights have been cancelled, so artists cannot get to London to perform. We will reschedule the concert soon!

Quiet music label verz and Yorkshire-based experimental organisation ame present a collaborative concert. Ryoko Akama (ame) and Phil Maguire (verz) will perform a realisation ‘While Listening’ by Thomas Martin Nutt, recently released on verz.

Sonic Luz are Vienna-based sound artists and ppooll founders Klaus Filip and noid. They will perform an improvised set with DIY optical synthesisers.

Ryoko Akama
I am a sound artist/composer/performer who approaches listening situations that magnify silence, time and space. My work aims to offer quiet temporal/spatial experiences, and is connected to literature, fine art and mixed media (technology).

Phil Maguire is an experimental musician/improviser/sound artist making reductive music that explores emptiness and malfunction. Simplicity is at the core of his work. He uses cheap electronics, open source software, synthesis, and obsolete audio equipment to create sparse sonic environments for personal reflection. He runs verz.

Sonic Luz are Klaus Filip and noid.
Most traditional synthesisers put a strong emphasis on reproducibility and the stability of pitch. Therefore they need big and complex mechanisms usually realised inside a black box.
For Sonic Luz the priority is a maximum of flexibility and the possibility for haptic interaction on all the parts of the tone production.

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