The Witch of The Gate #8. Saturday 30th June 19:30

An evening of art, performance and music curated by Cos Chapman with:
Sylvia Hallett – Composer and Improviser
Two Rudes – Miss Roberts and Cos of Rude Mechanicals
Muerte Roja – Mad Pirvan and Jowe Head – poetry and sound
7 Headed Raven – top tunes from ancient runes : Catherine Gerbrands & Tim Bowen
Sheila Moylan and Martin Lau – tradition songs and other stuff for harp and flute

Featuring DJ MJ Ultra – soothing intermission music

Sylvia is a multi-instrumentalist playing violin, saw, and bowed bicycle wheel etc with electronics. As well as being a frequent contributer to the London improvised music scene, (working with Clive Bell, David Toop, Anna Homler, Mike Adcock, she also composes for dance and theatre companies – Jacky Lansley, Miranda Tufnell, Eva Karczag, h2dance. Recently has been working in duo with poet Amy Cutler, Chris Dowding (trumpet) , and Ian McGowan (trumpet).

Two Rudes – Miss Roberts and Cos of Rude Mechanicals perform some of their songs and stories with a twist.

‘Muerte Roja’ are Mad Pirvan – poet and Jowe Head – sounds and strange instruments
Links Youtube:

Sheila Moylan’s unique combination of traditional Irish harp with the smoky blues texture of her alto voice makes for a bitter-sweet experience. She reinterprets traditional songs and gives a folk slant to modern songs. Martin Lau’s improvised flute floats over the top, resulting in a captivating multi-layered performance.

Further details soon…

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