Adolfa`s Cave. Adolfa Mussolina. Friday 12th June at 7:30pm


Adolfa Musso Lina Lisa

‘Adolfa`s Cave. Adolfa Mussolina’ was originally created and presented in Florence as part of an Arts Residency in June 2014.

In the work a fictional character called Adolfa Mussolina comes from London to Italy to play as a new character in ‘la Comedia del Arte’, and to represent The City and its values.

Some of the content for the piece is freely inspired by Plato`s Cave and subsequent uses and interpretations of the ideas present in the allegory, from the resurgence of the neoplatonic tradition in Renaissance Florence, to 20th Century texts from Heiddeger and Deleuze on the subject. The Performance presents a series of actions by Adolfa Mussolina which are connected to a basic narrative formulated from these texts.

The piece is showcased as part of the exhibition ‘The Idiot” by Jaime Valtierra and accompanied by the text ADOLFA MUSSOLINA IN 18 PARTS.

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