About Jaime Valtierra

Jaime Valtierra ( b. Madrid, Spain. 1979) is an independent Painter and Multimedia Artist based in London. He studied Painting and Printmaking at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid ( 1995-2000 ); In 2005 he gained a Masters Diploma at the Royal Drawing School, London.

Recent Projects and  Exhibitions include: ‘Interfaces’. Barbican Arts Centre. London. 2015 ‘The Idiot. Recent Paintings and Drawings’. Hundred Years Gallery. London. 2015 / Mnemonic City. Biagiotti Progetto di Arte. Florence. 2014 / Hackney Wicked Arts Festival. Barbican Fish Island Labs. 2014

His work explores the relationship of the self with the environment and the expression of this process through the creation of personal narratives in the form of image, installation and performance.  He is concerned with the analysis of essential human desires and their articulation as characters or ideas as part of a distinct discourse guided by his perception of lived experiences. “My work is as grotesque as my understanding of the world allows it to be, an endless pit of discoveries and twists “.

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