Music : 3 duos : Ren Shang & Dominic Lash / Olivier Di Placido & Fritz Welch / ecm. Friday 29th March 19:30

Three duos : doors 7.30 | music 8pm | £10/£7 cash

Dominic Lash & Ren Shang
Dominic Lash is a double bassist and guitarist. He concentrates on improvised and experimental music, performing regularly with musicians such as John Butcher, Angharad Davies, N.O. Moore, and Mark Sanders. He also performed with the late Tony Conrad and Steve Reid, has had solo double bass pieces written for him by composers including Jürg Frey and Éliane Radigue, and has worked with bands and ensembles including Apartment House, Modern Nature, and the Bozzini Quartet. Ren Shang is an improviser focusing on electronics and vocals.

Olivier Di Placido & Fritz Welch (electric guitar + percussion, objects and voice) began working together in 2014 with the intention of shifting energy through maximum storm surge gymnastics. The duo discards all navigation markers in favor of a shared interest in the simultaneous deconstruction of instruments and vocabularies. They play with a dense concrete simplicity that layers amplified and acoustic sounds with spectral shards and naked realism.
“In Welch and Di Placido’s music, attention to the sounding presence of the moment suggests something akin to traditional art forms whose goal is transcendental states, but for Welch and Di Placido this exists without nostalgia and with a minimum of tradition. Welch and Di Placido are giving us the present, and the present is in process, is process.” -Jorge Boehringer

ecm is zheng hao and joseph k, bringing banquets of comedic wǔxiá, temper-dependent instrument choices, modular randori, not sport but martial art.

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